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“Song Of The Volcanoes”
(Cathedral Transmissions CT45)


Available on CD (SOLD OUT!) and download worldwide from
29th October 2016!

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SIMFONICA has had a long gestation!

Way back in the mists of time – even before the internet was invented – I was fascinated by the avant-garde. It was the 1960s when I first latched on to the attractions of Bartók, Stravinsky and Schoenberg. It seemed a simple and natural progression from there to explore – and go adventuring with – the likes of Morton Subotnick, György Ligeti, Lukas Foss and more.

But most important of all was Karlheinz Stockhausen. Even now, were I to find myself as Kirsty Young’s guest on the BBC’s longest-running programme, Stockhausen’s “Stimmung” would be a must-have for that mythical Desert Island.

So it was exciting for me that, as rock moved into the 1970s, the avant-garde became more and more influential on the mainstream. The Beatles (as always) had helped a lot, but it was the big German bands that particularly drew me. Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk were up there, but a particular favourite was always Faust.

I saw them live once at the Polytechnic in Leeds (now Leeds Metropolitan University). Musically, they were predictably incoherent and the singer’s hair caught fire. But it was a good night…


“CREATION”, the title track of my second Beau LP for Dandelion Records (now re-released on vinyl by the Guerssen/Sommor label), was certainly a departure from my normal “folk singer-songwriter” style. With a nod to the avant-garde, it featured a whispered lyric, doomy bass and swirling organ effects.

But for more than forty years, “Creation” was to be very much the exception to the rule; until Simfonica!


SIMFonic electrONICA – that’s the origin of the name, by the way – came from an idea to create large-scale electronically-processed pieces, unencumbered by constraints of time or strict form, but underpinned by cue-type rhythms.

The first Simfonica work to be released (in 2015 on one of Fruits de Mer Records’ “13th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus Festival” CDs) was described by Mark Barton of The Sunday Experience as the “frankly immense ‘Mother Russia’”.

Stylistically at least, I could mark that down as a success!

SIMFONICA’S first full-length album, “Song Of The Volcanoes”, came out on the specialist electronica label Cathedral Transmissions in October 2016.

Released as both a limited-edition CD (which quickly sold out!) and now a FREE DOWNLOAD, the set comprises four tracks of between nine-and-a-half and thirteen-and-a-half minutes in length. Using stretched, speeded and reverse effects applied to analogue instruments, voices and synthesisers, “Song Of The Volcanoes” is completely faithful to Simfonica’s founding principle.

It’s also best experienced on big speakers, and possibly whilst a little hazy of mind…

Commenting on “Mother Russia” – which also appears on “Song Of The Volcanoes”The Sunday Experience concluded it is “a wonderful celestial ethereal sweetly harvesting monastic mosaics and ghost toned euphoric whispers atop a genteel motorik pulse, in short best described as kathedral kosmiche”.

You can’t argue with that! I guess “Kathedral Kosmiche” is to be Simfonica’s métier! And so a new genre is born…

Watch this space!


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