Assistant Masters since 1854.

    Name.   College & University.  
Came. Left. * Temporary. School. * Scholar. Notes.
    $ Visiting.   $ Exhibitioner.  
1855 1859 Winter, J. B.     Head of Low. Depmt.
1855 1861 Collier, J.     Low. Depmt.
1855   *Bogue      
1855 1859 $Brocard, A.     French.
1855 1892 $Stuhlmann, A. F. C.     Germ.: ob. 1894.
1856 1891 Tayler, A. W.   Trin., Dubl. ob. 1905.
1856 1859 Moberly, C. E.   *Ball., Oxf. Usher: vicar of Beeston Hill: later at Rugby and vicar of Coln Rogers: ob. 1893.
1857 1862 McCheane, J. H.   *Linc., Oxf. Usher 1859: later vicar of Trin. Ch., Leeds: ob. 1882.
1858   *Atkinson      
1858 1864 Seddon, R.     Low. Depmt.: later headm. of Lutterworth G.S.
1858 1858 *Taylor, J. M.      
1859 1861 Nunns, T. J. Leeds *John's, Camb. Later headm. of Helston G.S. and Cordwalles Sch., Maidenhead: vicar of Launceston: ob. 1910.
1859 1875 Richardson, E. A.   *Qu., Oxf. Usher, 1862: later headm. of Battersea G.S.
1859 1861 Foggo, A.   Chr., Camb Mod. Lang.
1859 1865 Fleay, F. G.   *Trin. Camb. Head of Low. Depmt.
1860 1864 Rhodes, T. E. Leeds Trin., Camb. Later headm. of Uttoxeter G.S. and Brewood G.S.
1860 1861 Walton, T.     Low. Depmt.
1861 1870 Williams, C. H. D.   Trin., Dubl. Low. Depmt. (head 1865): Upp. Depmt., 1869: later vicar of S. Luke's, Leeds: ob 1891.
1861 1864 Bramley, T. Leeds $Qu., Oxf. Later at Giggleswick and headm. of Colfe's G.S., Lewisham: ob 1896.
1861 1875 $Driver, R. C.     Writing
1862 1863 Foster, F. W.   *Trin., Oxf. Later at Lansdowne Coll., Bath.
1862 1871 $Smith, W.     Drawing
1864 1869 Marriott, H.   Durh.  
1865 1874 Davis, A. S. Leeds *Sidn., Camb. Later at Cheltenham and headm. of S. George's Coll., Roundhay.
1865 1873 $Fairley, T.   Edinb. Later anal. chemist to Leeds Corp.: ob 1919.
1866 1879 Oldknow, A. H.   Jes., Camb. Later at Wolverhampton G.S.: ob 1892.
1870 1879 Haigh, C. D. Leeds $Qu., Oxf. ob. 1879.
1870 1887 Hill, M. S.   Wadh., Oxf.  
1871 1901 $Stevenson, A.     Drawing: ob. 1902.
1874 1891 Glover, F. Leeds Exet., Oxf. Author of Exempla Latina: ob 1919.
1874 1883 $Leach, T.     Writing.
1875 1879 Thomas, W.   Jes., Oxf. Science.
1875 1879 Carter, C. C.   Trin., Dubl. Later minor canon of Chester.
1875 1876 Oldham, R. W.   Keb., Oxf. Later rector of Trentishoe and Martinhoe.
1875 1883 Powys, H. A. Shrewsbury *John's, Oxf. Later vicar of Meanwood: ob 1918.
1875 1883 Gibson, J. C. Leeds $Qu., Oxf. ob. 1907.
1875 1884? $Broughton, J.     Music; ob. 1887.
1876   Goldie, C. J. D.   John's, Camb.  
1876 1890 $Bowes, W.     Writing: ob. 1890.
1877 1891 Litchfield, G. A.   Exet., Oxf.  
1877 1879 Vipan, G. W.   Chr., Camb. Later professor of classics at Rondebosch.
1877 1889 $Herpst, C.     French: ob. 1917.
1878 1879 Twining, J. H.   Durh. Later vicar of Horton, Chickerell and Wilsford-with-Woodford.
1878 1918 Wilson, R. Leeds *Magd., Camb. Later sen. Engl. Master.
1878 1880 Saunders, S. H. T.   *Ch. Ch., Oxf. Science: later chief math. master at Merch. Tayl. School.
1879 1896 Webb, R. Sherborne Trin., Camb. Sen. math. master: author of Eucl.Defns. And A Visit to Africa.
1880 1890 Berridge, H. D.   Oxf. Science.
1880 1902 Boys, H. H. H. Canterbury Pemb., Oxf. Later chapl. of Perth Cathedral and rector of Alexandria (Glasg.) and Coupar Angus.
1880 1882 Leatherdale, V. S. Bradford Exet., Oxf. Later vicar of East Haddon.
1882 1885 Atkins, R.   *Wadh., Oxf.  
1882 1901 Taylor, W. A. Appleby Ball., Oxf.  
1883 1883 Johnstone, H.   *Keb., Oxf. Later at Loretto and Edinb. Acad.: author of a Hist. Of Greece.
1884 1887 $Broughton, A. Leeds   Music: ob. 1895.
1884   Price, A. C. Dulwich *Pemb., Oxf. Hdm.'s assist. With Form vi: later sen. class. master: author of Compar. Grammar, Gk. Accent Rules, Imp. Instit.Chart of Colon. Expansion. Leeds and its Neighbourhood, Story of Leeds, County of White Rose, Hist. of L.G.S.
1884   $Singleton, J.     Shorthand.
1887 1887 *Smith, W. G. Leeds $Qu., Oxf.  
1887 1889 $Newell, J. E.     Music.
1887 1888 Manley, H. Rugby *Emm., Camb.  
1889 1889 *Cruse, D. A. Leeds $Univ., Oxf. Later librarian of Leeds Library.
1889 1902 Witherby, W. H. Merch. Tayl. *John's, Oxf. Later at Shrewsb. and headm. of Kidderminster G.S.
1890 1891 $Ball, W.     Music.
1890 1892 Hutton, G. M. Merch. Tayl. $Univ., Oxf. Later rector of Thormanby and Tarrant Gunville and vicar of S. Mary's, Brighton
1890 1890 *Ford-Smith, A.   Chr., Camb. Science.
1890 1917 Stockdale, R. Giggleswick $Qu., Oxf. Science.
1891 1892 Luard, E. P.   Selw., Camb. Music.
1891 1892 Seaton, J. B. Leeds *Ch. Ch., Oxf. Later vice-princ. of Leeds Clergy Sch.: vicar of Armley: archdeacon of Johannesburg: & princ. of Cuddesden Coll.
1891 1894 Aris, H. Rossall $King's, Camb. Later at Rossall and Winchester.
1892 1904 Johnson, B.   Selw., Camb. Music.
1893 1894 Clarke, A. C.   Emm., Camb. Later headm. of C.M.S. Sch. at Amritsur.
1893   Clark, Mason     Gymnastics.
1895 1895 Reeves, J. H.   *John's, Camb.  
1895   Cudworth, C. Almondb. and Tiverton *King's, Camb.  
1896 1915 Kelsey, H. T. Rugby *Trin., Camb. Sen. math. master: ob 1915
1899 1900 Parr, R. K. Winch. *New., Oxf. VIth form: later at Winch.: ob.1904.
1899 1902 Elliott, W. J. Newc. (Staff.) *Chr., Camb. Sen. sc. master: later ass. secr. for higher educ., Staffordshire and insp. of Sec. Schs., N.S.W.
1900 1901 Jones, V. S. Eton *King's, Camb. VIth form: later fell of Magd., Camb.
1901 1906 Norwood, C. Merch. Tayl. *John's, Oxf. VIth form: later headm. of Bristol G.S. and Marlborough: joint author of Higher Educ. in Engl.
1901 1906 $Foster, G. Leeds   Drawing: ob. 1906.
1902 1906 $Holder, E.     Drawing.
1902 1905 Evans, J. Sutt. Val. *Sidn., Camb. Sen. mod. lang. master: later hdm. of Ashford G.S. and Judd's Sch., Tonbridge.
1902   Serpell, H. W. Plymouth $Exet., Oxf. Sen. mod. lang. Master (1905)
1903 1909 Donington, G. C. Leys $Caius, Camb. Sen. sc. master: later sen. sc. master at City of London Sch.: author of Classbook of Chemistry: ob. 1911.
1903   Johnson, W. L. Leeds Selw., Camb. Sen. master of Jun. Sch. (1917).
1904 1907 Harward, F. H. H. Denston Trin., Dubl. Later ass. distr. Commissioner in S. Nigeria.
1904 1909 Higgins, R. M. S. Paul's Leipzig Music.
1905   Kent, J. J. P. Lincoln John's, Camb.  
1905 1911 McLellan, F. R. H. Chr. Hosp. *Worc., Oxf. Later at Mill Hill.
1906 1907 Townsend, J. Abingdon *Pemb., Oxf.  
1906   Dale, F. R. Oundle *Trin., Camb. VIth form: author of Aem. Paulus.
1906   Hilton, H. S. Paul's John's, Oxf. Drawing.
1907 1907 *Godard, G.      
1907   Tough, D. W. L. Magd. Coll. $Mert., Oxf.  
1908   Marshall, F. H. C. Perse. & Clifton *Sidn., Camb.  
1909   Wynne-Edwards, Miss A. S.      
1910 1911 Adlam, G. H. J. Wells Wadh., Oxf. Sen. sc. master: later sen. sc. master at City of London Sch.
1910 1917 $Fricker, H. A. Cath. Sch., Canter.   Music.
1911 1917 Kirk, L. C. Sheffield $John's, Oxf. Killed 1917.
1912 1918 Walling, E. Giggleswick $Magd., Oxf. Sen. sc. master: killed 1918.
1913 1913 *Hugganson, R. P. Kirkby Lonsdale Chr., Camb.  
1914 1916 *Attwell, M. Caterham Lond. Science.
1914   Bengry, P. H. Newc. (Staffs.) Manch.  
1915   Christie, Miss H. Leeds (Girls H.S.)    
1915 1915 *Todd, H. Leeds *Pemb., Camb.  
1916   Billen, A. V. Tottenham *Univ., Oxf. Sen. math. master.
1916   *Pearson, F. W. Wakefield *Exet., Oxf. VIth form.
1916 1916 *Philpotts, E. A. Repton Trin., Camb. Science.
1916   Fairbrother, F. W. Wigan Manch. Sen. sc. master.
1916 1916 *Castor, W. H. Marylebone    
1917 1918 *Powell, T. W.   Durh.  
1917   Hawkes, G. Birmingham *Pemb., Camb.  
1917   *Frimbley, H. A. Oxf. High Sch. Oxf.  
1917   *Watson, A. G. Ramsgate Keb., Oxf.  
1917 1917 *Street, F. W. H.   Lond.  
1918   *Clarke, P. F. Camb. County Down., Camb.  
1918 1918 *Arthur, R. O. Mold Wales  
1918   $Reynolds, A.     Music.
1918   *Ward, J. I. South Shields Durh.  
1918 1918 *Jowett, Miss J.   Leeds  
1918   *Mossman, C. D. Newark    

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