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Described by one US radio station as “the first psych-folk album”, the original Creation recordings from John Peel’s Dandelion label have now been remastered and made available to download for the first time.

Four tracks have been remixed for this Cherry Red release of Creation Recreated.

Of the ELEVEN BONUS TITLES, ten have never been released before, including four songs from 1972’s High Mass sessions (with The Way We Live / Tractor®) and three from 1975’s Twelve Strings To The Beau.

The set is downloadable from, iTunes and all your favourite distribution services (more distribution services listed below).

Two thoughts, with several decades between:

In his 1971 Creation review, Al Clark concluded;

“Beau (is)… a direct descendant of folk music before stardom moved in.” (Time Out)

Almost forty years later, Simon Crisp had another perspective;

“‘Silence Returns’… descend(s) into a frenzied 3-minute guitar thrash that fades out with some ethereal and chilling 12-string … ‘Blind Faith’ brings a depth of emotion that simply shouldn’t be possible … Beau (is) a talented singer-songwriter with a superlative 12-string technique …” (Galactic Ramble, 2009)

Neither of these guys had heard Creation Recreated!

“Sky Dance (Take One)”

from the Cherry Red Records album, Creation Recreated

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Cherry Red released the download album The Way It Was in 2011.
Reviewers had some kind things to say:

“… his songwriting is like a diamond in the rough … One cannot help but admire the genius
and thought put into all 15 songs…” – (USA)
“… a fresh stash of songs that might as well be ancient in their timelessness … it’s the personal fare
that burns the hottest in the space between acoustic guitar and the
veteran’s impassioned voice.” –
Let It Rock (Israel)
“Beau must have been storing up his best tracks over the years as there isn’t a weak song.”
The Strange Brew Podcast (UK)

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