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To celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the release of Creation, my last studio album for John Peel’s Dandelion label, Cherry Red Records has released The Way It Was, a newly-recorded set of fifteen previously unissued songs downloadable from, iTunes and all your favourite distribution services (more distribution services listed below).

If you're in the UK, you can also check out the new album on Spotify.

Imaginatively catalogued as Cherry Red BEAU2011, The Way It Was tells stories; of triumph and tragedy, freedom and oppression, and of politics (high and low!).

There are tales from Poland, Russia, the United States and the Czech Republic; plus a few other places we can’t quite put our finger on. There are a couple of sea songs. There’s even a love song in there somewhere.

Like the 1917 Revolution single and my original Beau album for Dandelion, The Way It Was features just me and the Harmony twelve-string guitar. It still sounds and looks as great as ever. When I first recorded with this guitar, it was almost brand new. Now it’s genuine vintage…

Not too long ago – in a moment of sheer madness – Germany’s Good Times magazine referred to me as “England's answer to Phil Ochs”. Too kind of course; far too generous, but it was a much-appreciated aside. And it did serve to remind me –

Sometimes, you need to get back to basics; the way it was…

“Today Began A Thousand Years Ago”

from the Cherry Red Records album, The Way It Was

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A couple of years back, Angel Air Records released Edge Of The Dark, a CD of unissued recordings from 1972-1985.
Here are a few things reviewers were moved to say:

“Damn, this guy is good.” – (USA)
“A valuable rediscovery!” (
“Eine wertvolle Wiederentdeckung!”) – Good Times Magazine (Germany)
“… he is both an underrated writer and performer.” – (UK)
“Beau is undoubtedly an artist to rediscover...” (
“Beau est sans aucun doute un artiste à redécouvrir…”) – Highlands Magazine 41 (France)
“A potent talent too long neglected, Beau may now finally get his due.” – (USA)

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