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Fables & Façades from Cherry Red Records is an unusual album (for me, at least!) in that most tracks are full-band pieces – not just my customary vocal and twelve-string guitar.

I suppose some will consider temporarily laying ‘Big 12’ to one side is a bit risky. Well, maybe it is. On the other hand, Fables & Façades is the direct result of requests after we included five full-band tunes from the ’70s and ’80s on Angel Air's Edge Of The Dark back in 2009. Such is the power of the public!

F&F is a diverse album in both style and content. From hunting to Hollywood and insomnia to the Iron Curtain, it's all here. Oh, and of course we mustn't forget there’s an interview with God thrown in as well...

So, enjoy a true miscellany...

Fables & Façades (Cherry Red BEAUFF1) is downloadable from, iTunes and from all your favourite distribution services.

“The Night Before Trafalgar”

from the Cherry Red Records album, Fables & Façades

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Some reviewers thoughts on Beau's Fables & Façades:

“'Fables & Facades' is a criminal record, and the artist should really be sentenced
for keeping such enchanting music away from public's reach.”
- Let It Rock (Israel)

“… the lyrics were very intelligent, thoughtfully constructed and
reflected a wealth of knowledge, particularly of history…”
– Donald Strachan (The Rocktologist - Slovenia)

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